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Trowel and Soil

We take curbside composting to the next level in the San Antonio and Hill Country area by redirecting your food scraps from landfills, composting them into healthy soil, and returning them to your lawn and garden with our available treatment services.

How it Works

Collect Food Scraps

Collect your food scraps in the provided 5-gallon bucket. We use Bokashi composting which eliminates odors and allows the collection of cooked meats, cheese, and other items. See our full list of what to compost and what not.  

Place Bin Outside

Place your 5-gallon bucket on the edge of your curb before 8 am on the scheduled pickup day. We will swap your filled bucket with a clean bucket and Bokashi bran.

Receive Access to Compost

We do the work in turning your food scraps into soil. Schedule a date for us to drop off compost or schedule a composted soil lawn dressing treatment for your lawn.


Pickup Services

We offer a variety of food waste pickup services

A blue house surrounded by nature

Home / Apartment

Curbside pickup service that makes composting easy. 

Open Workspace


Pickup service for small to commercial-sized businesses.

Stylish Modern Cafe

Restaurant / Events

Free consultation that is tailored for your restaurant or event needs.

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Lawn & Garden Treatment

Schedule a lawn or garden treatment

Lawn Disease Care

Composted Soil Lawn Dressing Treatment

Improve your soil health by amending it with nutrient-rich soil that improves plant growth in your lawn & garden..

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