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Garbage Factory
We redirect foodwaste from landfills and send it back 2 your lawn and gardern.

Why Compost?

The food web provides food for our everyday needs but also removes organic matter from returning back 2 earth which contributes to global methane emissions and agriculture soil degradation. The food system is a broken closed-looped system that turns food scraps into a liability, rather than an asset. Composting is the natural cycle that decomposes organic matter back into the soil where plants utilize it to grow, thus continuing the natural loop cycle. By composting, you can be part of the solution in reducing methane emissions, storing carbon in the soil, building healthy soil/plants, and reducing chemical use in your lawn or garden.

Our approach to composting utilizes a method called Bokashi which is a type of decomposition that ferments food with beneficial bacteria (Bokashi bran) that are added as you collect your food scraps. This method allows us to collect a wider range of food waste that includes cooked meats, cheese, and napkins (see full list) and compost it at a faster rate while eliminating odors and pests that other composting methods produce. 

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