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Suburban Homes

Home Pickup

Our home pickup services make composting easy while diverting food waste from landfills. As a monthly member, you get twice-a-year access to the compost you help create. Members can decide to get compost dropped off at their homes or schedule us to apply compost to their yards as a top dressing to improve soil health. We offer members discounts on our products and services through the membership pages you will have access to.

Monthly Membership Benefits

  • Members can apply their free compost yearly limit of 1 yard to their yards and only pay the compost topdressing labor & equipment fee that starts at ($75) for yards up to 1,000 square feet.

  • Members receive discounted compost tea (liquid fertilizer treatments) for their lawns that start at $60 for yards up to 2,000 which covers 2 gallons of compost tea, labor, and equipment costs. 

  • Members receive a 20% discount on our compost products.

Benefits of composted soil in your lawn & Garden


  • Using composted soil on your lawn or garden improves soil health that introduces beneficial nutrients, minerals, fungi, and bacteria that build soil structure creating healthy and more disease-resistant plants. 

  • Compost tea (liquid fertilizer) and compost can replace the need for chemical fertilizers. It is safe for growing foods in gardens and non-toxic for kids and pets that play in the yard.

  • Eliminating chemical fertilizers are important in reducing pollutants in the soil and transporting them through runoff into our creeks, rivers, lakes, and aquifer that we depend on for drinking water and recreating. 

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