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We believe that soils are key to growing healthy gardens and lawns that require no chemical additives and require less water. That is why our solution to creating healthy gardens and lawns starts with diverting organic food waste from landfills and returning it to where it came from “Back 2 Earth”. Our mission is to provide a service that takes your organic food waste and transforms it into nutrient-dense composted soil. We then return the composted soil back to your yard or garden. We strive to offer a streamlined service with quality soils that transform your lawn or garden into a healthy soil ecosystem that stores carbon instead of producing harmful methane that happens when food waste is taken to a landfill.


Who we are

We are two lifelong friends that share a passion for gardening and landscaping using sustainable methods. Our backgrounds include a degree in resource management-environmental science, 15-plus years producing residential/commercial landscape designs in and around San Antonio, and land management involving regenerative farming and ranching. 

Our mission is to utilize a sustainable food waste model that the community can benefit from while increasing soil conservation through composting and low-impact development methods in lawns and gardens.

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